Taylor Edwards~

  "Through synchronicity, I found Taylor, and I'm glad I did.  Taylor intuitively adapted the RTT technique for my needs and took time and care with my traumas, both past and present.  
     "After one session, the negative energy I was feeling overwhelmed by, had gone, and Taylor guided me to a strong, centered place where I feel stronger, calmer and able."

Marie P. ~London

Isn't it a strange thing we do, 
when we we ask people to sum themselves up in a paragraph or two? 

        Like you, I have many roles: Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Student, Actor, Writer, Photographer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist.   After going through many life-altering experiences, I became frustrated with the slow pace of traditional approaches toward healing my emotional, spiritual, and psychological wounds. 

       I was unable to get on my feet after the last major transition, even though I pride myself on my ability to rapidly adapt in new situations.  I was overwhelmed and lost.  I had tried everything, except the snake oil.... 

      On July 4th, 2016, I attended an online webinar hosted by Marisa Peer.  She did a generic hypnosis session on being rejection-proof.  When it was over, I was honestly shocked.  Had that worked?  Did I actually feel better?  

The answer is, "yes," it worked.

I chose to learn hypnotherapy along with other healing modalities because I want to help people quickly transition from being defined by their past, to living joyously in the present moment, and feeling hopeful about their future.

          My practice centers around empowering you to creatively bring balance and joy back into your life.  I provide a safe, nurturing environment, free of judgement, whether online or in person.  One of my greatest joys is knowing that my clients' lives are changed for the better after one session.  I am honored and humbled by the trust they place in me, and I endeavor to make sure they reach their desired outcomes in the shortest possible time.

Using the Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) method, Coaching, Energy Healing, Meditations, and/or Yoga, I help you overcome your struggles with anxiety, self-doubt, smoking, phobias, weight, work/life balance, stress, achieving goals, grief, or that issue/belief which is currently impacting your psychological, physical, and social interactions.

Together, we work to find the root causes of your concern, heal those moments, and begin a journey toward self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-love. 

I live in the Seattle, Washington area.   I also work nationally and internationally via teleconferencing. 



  • Hypnotherapy and Reiki are not substitutes for medical advice or treatment, but are complementary to conventional medicine.  
  • Before seeking Hypnotherapy or Reiki for medical conditions, it is imperative that you see your medical practitioner first for a comprehensive diagnosis.   
  • The Hypnotherapy and Reiki services provided by Taylor Edwards do not constitute the practice of medicine. 

If you have mental disabilities or a mental illness, please choose appropriate psychiatric care.