A Tiny Selection of Books~

 Any book by Brene' Brown

The Places That Scare You ~ A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times or any book by Pema Chodron 

Any book by Thicht Nacht Han (Plum Village)

The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness, and Peace by Jack Kornfield 

Any book by Anne LaMott

Striking Thoughts ~ Wisdom for Daily Living by Bruce Lee 

The Monks and Me by Mary Patterson 

Thoughts are Things by Bob Proctor

 Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Wabi Sabi ~ Timeless Wisdom for a Stress-Free Life by Agneta Nyholm Winqvist

Helpful Videos~

The Art of Asking – Amanda Palmer TED 

Ho’oponopono – Jennifer Ruth Russell 

The Opposite of Addiction is Connection – UB2 Inc. 

The Hindsight Window: Master Your State of Being – Eric Edmeades 

The Anatomy of Trust – Brene Brown 

Listening to Shame – Brene Brown 

Trust – Cirque du Soliel 

Today I Rise – The Flourish Initiative 

I AM Meditation – Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Gayatri Mantra – Tina Malia 

Gratitude Reminder – Moving Art 

An Honest Meditation – Jason Headley
(offensive language & silly, but still truthful) 

Thomas Merton Prayer – Betsey Beckman on SDI World

Long Time Sun - Music by Snatam Kaur, video by Sherri Duris

Fear and Fearlessness - Pema Chodron

Oprah Interviews - Thicht Naht Han

A Little Bit of Music~

Alanis Morissette- Edge of Evolution

Alanis Morissette- Guardian

Bon Jovi- I Am

Bon Jovi- Have a Nice Day 

Depeche Mode- Freestate 

Depeche Mode- Precious 

Depeche Mode- Suffer Well 

Danielle Taylor- Family 

Danielle Taylor- The Giving Tree 

Danielle Taylor- Never Will 

Danielle Taylor- So What 

Danielle Taylor- Warrior 

I Am Light – India Arie  

Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World  

Castle of Glass – Linkin Park  

Heavy – Linkin Park  

Lost In the Echo – Linkin Park  

Powerless – Linkin Park  

Waiting for The End – Linkin Park  

Never Change – Puddle of Mudd  

Better Days – Saliva  

Alive – Sia  

Elastic Heart – Sia  

The Greatest – Sia

Wonderful People to Work With ~

Seattle Only:
Irina Borshevskaya - Massage Therapist (206)930-1931
Stacia Valley - Shamanic Healer
William Wittman - Mentoring and Cranial Sacral Therapy
Clare Woolgrove - Rolfer


Globally Available:
Sue Cimino - Whole Being Alignment
Marie Manucheheri - Energy Intuitive
Susan Pullen - Healer 
Shar Sundust - Shaman

I do not receive any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for the products and services listed on this website.

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